Thursday, August 8, 2013

Babies like spicy food - yes really!

Since Nathan was about eight months old I started to worry about his food intake.  As my obsessive mommy instincts had me reading up a bit on what babies should be eating, I've stumbled across so many suggestions and recommendations that my head is spinning.  There are so many opinions on this subject matter that it could make even the most solidly confident person dizzy with wonder.  So enter me.  I'm already worried that Nathan won't start eating any solids on his own and for the past four months I've offered finger foods of various different times every single night.

He would eat NOTHING.  Nada, zip, zilch.  Frustrated?  Yeah, that word doesn't even begin to cover how stressed I started to become.  About two months ago, I gave it up though, and finally resigned myself to do my best not to worry.  I let it go as best I could.

Fast forward to this past weekend.  On Saturday, Brian was making breakfast and I asked him to make plain scrambled eggs for Nathan.  That was one food we had not tried yet.  To my utter delight and amazement, he ate them.  He also ate a couple of tiny bits of bacon.  Sunday morning, he ate eggs again along with pancake bits.  Ever since he's been eating / trying just about everything we put in front of him.

Last night, Brian made Chicken Tikka Masala which is a mildly spicy Indian dish with a red sauce.  He used boneless skinless thighs which are tender and yummy.  Nathan had already eaten the equivalent of a half of a banana cut into bits, rolled in wheat germ.  Then I offered him some bits of the chicken with just a tiny bit of sauce and he loved it!  I couldn't give him bits of it fast enough.  He also tried Naan bread and liked that too.  I'm so relieved and excited that Nathan is finally taking an interest in eating.   Yay! :)

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