Thursday, July 25, 2013


Today I feel like a character from the AMC show, "The Walking Dead".  And not a good character either.  It would be cool to be one of the kick-ass survivors who are battling the zombies.  Oh no, I feel like ONE of the zombies.  I guess getting only a couple hours sleep tends to do that to a person.  Nathan was up half the night, sick and unable to keep any food down.  Hopefully he will improve today.

During my PPD/PPA times was when Brian and I discovered Walking Dead and while I was at the height of my crazy, was when we watched the first two full seasons.  I swear I felt like I was living their story right along with the characters.  Everything was so real, so raw, so terrifying.  I dreamed about what I saw, and worked out escape plans - changes to the story - new events ... in my head as if I were a part of their struggle and journey.  I've recently discovered that others have done the exact same things, sans PPD/PPA.   I guess the show is just that damn good.  Kudos AMC.

PS -   Nathan's funny baby noises sometimes sound like he's trying to impersonate a Zombie.  I can't wait to see him discover the aforementioned TV series for himself one day.  I bet he'll like it, after all, he can audibly relate, at least for a little while as a baby.

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