Friday, July 18, 2014

Terrible Twos!

Holy screaming Batman!  Nathan's hit the terrible twos full force recently and he cries about everything.  I am pretty sure it's a matter of him not being able to fully communicate still and he gets so frustrated when we don't understand what he's asking for.  

Last night was really rough, and I really hope that we can get past this small bump and move on soon.  A couple of weeks ago, we decided to finally take away the bottles for good.  I think that didn't help.  Nathan has been enormously upset about the bottles and he keeps pushing every afternoon to get them back.  It will hopefully ease up soon.  He doesn't complain at school or at Grandma's house which is great.  It means he's only testing Brian and me, and not others.  I'm sure there'll come a time when he pushes the boundaries outside the home but for now, he's only being an unreasonable A-hole to us!  Yay!  /shaking my head/
grumpy "zoo" face @ Brookfield

I'm really proud of myself because my frustration level with the whole thing has been at nuclear proportions but I have mostly remained very calm during it.  Hopefully Brian will reign in his and react more calmly going forward.  It's really hard, but I know it's just the start of many challenging times with raising a child.

Cheers! /tips the wine glass/

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