Monday, December 30, 2013

Another one for the history books

Another year come and gone.  Why must they fly by so very quickly?  It's good for me to do a brief recount of 2013 and remember all of the positive things that have come from the time gone by.

  • Began blogging again, and even though my posts were extremely few and far between most months, I still made the effort and that was a good start.  So for that I'm proud of myself.
  • Joined a gym and made lots of progress for a few months, which then declined during the stress of the DIL and move across country.  Now I'm struggling to get back into the swing of it and having recurring health issues. This is top priority for 2014.
  • Best friends Jon and Kristin were married @ the end of May, with Brian being the best man.
  • We had a failed short sale on our home, which turned into a DIL.  That appears to be finalizing and closing in the next week or two.  Mixed feelings on this as it sucks but ended up being our only choice.
  • Freeman held it's first Solutionista conference in Dallas with designers attending from across the enterprise and it was great to meet nearly all of my counterparts face to face.
  • Nathan turned 1 year on August 20, 2013.
  • Visited my company's Dallas Corporate office, and had a wonderful yearly review along with a great visit to the custom exhibits Fabrication location.  Had a great dinner with my Dallas bestie Melinda.
  • Several major and minor tiffs with my bestie/hubby.  Most stupid, and a bigger deal that needed to be.  I am learning how to be in love with him again.  It's a never-ending struggle to live with another human, let alone have to share everything with him/her.  We're both learning and growing together.  Progress, even small steps, is being made.  For that I'm very grateful.
  • Left the Boston/Providence area officially when we drove away Nov. 2nd.
  • Arrived in Chicago on November 3rd to officially start the next chapter of our lives.
  • Nathan's 1st real Thanksgiving / Christmas to remember, and we spent it with Chicago family and friends + my Mom.  It was a great time and even though the whole house was sick with colds, we made the best of the extreme cold weather and feeling crappy.  It was so wonderful to see how happy Nathan was, and to see him interacting with his family.
  • Learning to be grateful for what I have and what I have accomplished.  Taking a less serious approach to the little things and realizing that sometimes things just have to wait.  Major tasks can be completed in small steps rather than marathon, back breaking events.
  • Love my husband, remember why we fell in love and remind him of how much I appreciate him often.
I'm looking forward to getting equally great things achieved and accomplished in 2014.  

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